Mediumship Readings


Dawn offers one to one readings for 30 minutes to an hour where I will connect with spirit and pass messages on to you. 


30 minute readings are 35.00

1 hour readings are 60.00


Mediumship Group Readings


If you would like a larger group reading then, we can do this for upto an hour and a maximum of 8 people.


120.00 (15 per person)


Reiki Energy Healing


Reiki is a therapy that helps realign your energy chakras, as well as remove any blockages that may have been caused because of emotional trauma, stress or illness.


up to 1 hour 25.00


Spiritual Counselling


Have you suffered stress, trauma or bereavement, then Dawn is trained to help guide you through this difficult time.  This session does include a reiki session. 


up to 1 hour - 35.00


House Blessings and Clearances


Have you just moved home, are you experiencing discomfort in the home, or strange activity that you can't explain then Dawn will visit your property to offer either a blessing or clearance.